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The Last Day of Double-Possession
(Celebrating 10 Years)

Friday, June 15 / 9pm / GRACE EXHIBITION SPACE
(30-min performance during an evening of performance art by Annie Sprinkle + Elizabeth M. Stephens, Sindy Butz, Sandrine Schaefer, Hector Canonge, Anya Liftig, & Sandy Huckleberry)
For more info, go to www.grace-exhibition-space.com.

* * *
Before you ____. Now you ____.
Before we ____. Now we ____.
Before they ____. Now they ____.

Nov. 12, 2011 / 7-10pm / English Kills Art Gallery
Music: ABEARICA, Anthony Austin & Lucas Van Lenten
Video Appearance: Holly Faurot, Ruth Lauer-Manenti
Performers: Laura Barnard Stelmok, Faurot, Daniel Jacobs, Arabella Kauffmann, Gavin Kenyon, Paulson, Angela Vitacolonna, Stephanie Waddell
Stay tuned for upcoming performances! OTHER NEWS:
-Faurot & Paulson in Emergency INDEX 2011. Purchase your copy at www.uglyducklingpresse.org
-Faurot & Paulson in Millennium Film Journal: Click here to download PDF.
-Holly & Sarah interview performance artist Peter Dobill on ducts.org

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Faurot and Paulson have been collaborating for the past ten years on work that exists somewhere between the realms of performance art and dance and focuses on movement as a language of basic human interaction, whether it is through a subtle gesture or a theatrical spectacle. The performances relate to voyeurism, shifts in power-positions, and translation through different media. The temporality of installation art, contemporary dance, conceptual art, and video trends are all influences that inform their work.